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Eric Edmeades

Our Business
Eric Edmeades is an international business consultant and speaker. He travels extensively working with entrepreneurs and undertaking philanthropic projects all over the world. He works with companies to double their revenues without straining the infrastructure. Eric is very selective about the companies he works with tending toward 'social enterprises' that give back on a local or global scale.

For more information about what Eric Edmeades does, please visit:

Our Challenges
Much of Eric's work requires travel both for him and his team. This means that the consolidation of information about schedules, clients and projects is both challenging and imperative. To be both responsive and effective with clients, it is important that all members of the team have access to the latest information about each client.

Why We Chose Kazeli
We chose Kazeli after extensive testing of other CRM packages including Goldmine, Salesforce and Sugar. Like these other CRM packages, Kazeli allows us the free flow of information, transaction and project management and communication. Unlike these other CRM options, Kazeli does it under budget and with a smile. We have been very happy with our move to Kazeli because as well as being less expensive than any of the other packages we looked at, the program is highly functional and well thought out. Kazeli is feature rich - beyond what we had expected.

Our Kazeli Experience
The team at Kazeli is responsive and clearly cares about the customer experience. Within a few weeks of choosing Kazeli they had already implemented some of our suggestions to improve the system. They are a pleasure to work with and their software does so much more than you would expect.


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Create deeper more meaningful relationships

From each contact you have a complete view of the history of emails, meetings, tasks, files, purchase history, opportunities, projects, pages visited from your website and more.
Create. Collaborate. Communicate.

Instantly extend your project or opportunity to one or more Kazeli members allowing you share notes, bookmarks, files, and more!

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Permission Based Email Campaigns

The Kazeli Permission Based Email solution allows you to choose from existing newsletter templates or customize your own using our Kazeli Editor.

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