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We offer company solutions that help businesses reduce their overall costs by reducing vendors and we also help them drive new customers to their business.  We offer high quality applications including: Print Solutions-Payment Solutions-Promotional Solutions-Direct Mail Solutions-GPS Solutions-Incentive Solutions.

Challenges you face
Challenges we face are trying to keep in front of our customers on a regular schedule. Given all the available technology, we wanted to find a single solution that that we could use for sending out information to both our customers and as our prospects, while also continuing to grow our business by finding new agents to carry and sell our products.

Why you chose Kazeli
Kazeli has everything under one solution-which we hope will help us grow our business.

How has your experience been so far?
Very good - The Kazeil team have been very responsive to our questions.



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Create deeper more meaningful relationships

From each contact you have a complete view of the history of emails, meetings, tasks, files, purchase history, opportunities, projects, pages visited from your website and more.
Create. Collaborate. Communicate.

Instantly extend your project or opportunity to one or more Kazeli members allowing you share notes, bookmarks, files, and more!

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Permission Based Email Campaigns

The Kazeli Permission Based Email solution allows you to choose from existing newsletter templates or customize your own using our Kazeli Editor.

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