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SleepTrust is the innovative leader in Customer Care Solutions for retailers and manufacturers in the $12Billion bedding industry. The company’s services include complete customer support and assistance with manufacturer’s warranties, consumer use issues and mattress comfort guarantees. SleepTrust is part of the Magi Seal Group – a Customer Care Company that has been serving retailers in the home furnishings industry for more than 30 years.

Challenges you face

To meet the growing demand from thousands of bedding retailers and major manufacturers for the SleepTrust program, we needed a feature-rich system that could be used by our SleepTrust Advisors (professionals who support key customer relationships) to track, manage and support our interaction with dealers and bedding sales professionals.

Why you chose the integrated solution of Kazeli

We considered a number of options for managing customer relationships and selected Kazeli for a number of important reasons: the fully integrated approach to customer relationship management; the flexible attributes that allowed us to create a solution unique to our needs; the speed at which the application could be implemented and the cost effectiveness of the overall solution.

How has your experience been so far?

Both the system and the the support from Kazeli have far exceeded our expectations. Some members of our task group had initial reluctance to embrace a web-based approach to customer relationship management – but Kazeli proved to be the right solution. We’re looking at deploying this same technology in other areas of our business in the coming months.

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Create deeper more meaningful relationships

From each contact you have a complete view of the history of emails, meetings, tasks, files, purchase history, opportunities, projects, pages visited from your website and more.
Create. Collaborate. Communicate.

Instantly extend your project or opportunity to one or more Kazeli members allowing you share notes, bookmarks, files, and more!

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Permission Based Email Campaigns

The Kazeli Permission Based Email solution allows you to choose from existing newsletter templates or customize your own using our Kazeli Editor.

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