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Kazeli is excited to welcome the Chet Holmes International team to our list of satisfied clients.

It's always great to receive positive feedback, but it's even more incredible when it comes from an internationally acclaimed, top-selling business author and renown growth strategist to over 50 of the Fortune 500 companies.

"There is nothing like this that we’ve seen and this works ten times easier than Salesforce or Sugar and even costs a lot less. After a year’s investigation, Kazeli is the one we’re going with " - Chet Holmes

Chet describes Kazeli's CRM as the "most versatile CRM system on the planet" and we are working with his team to implement Kazeli across every aspect of their organization and to ensure it exceeds their every expectation.

About Chet Holmes:
Chet Holmes has worked with over 60 of the Fortune 500 companies as America’s top marketing executive, trainer, strategic consultant and motivation expert. He has identified and developed the 12 core competencies that are proven to provide the main structure of truly great companies and he has developed more than fifty proprietary methods you can implement to see these ideas actually take root and grow.

These 12 competencies became the foundation for more than 65 training products now selling in 23 countries. Chet is the author of the best-selling book, The Ultimate Sales Machine (#1 Sales and Marketing book on Amazon, and also on NY Times best seller list). Chet also authored the Business Growth Masters Series (with Jay Abraham), Mega Marketing and Sales and Guerrilla Marketing Meets Karate Master (with Jay Levinson).

What people have said of Chet:
“America’s greatest sales and marketing executive.”
- Charlie Munger (on the Forbes “Billionaires” list and partner of Warren Buffett).

“one of the top change experts in the country.”
- Industry Week

“Chet Holmes breaks sales records wherever he goes.”
- Success Magazine

“perhaps one of the most prolific creative machines of our time.”
- Jay Levinson (author of Guerrilla Marketing and 55 other best -selling books)

“When you see how methodical Chet’s approach is, you understand instantly how he can assure dramatic sales increases. Chet is a very brilliant man in his discipline. He’s a very strategic-minded person, but his even stronger suit is figuring out the systems, the process, and the procedures that drive, sustain, maintain and replicate a system so a company can grow and become great. This is what I think is missing in most entrepreneurial companies”
- Jay Abraham (one of Fortune Magazine’s top five business growth gurus).
Chet has also been written about in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and more than 50 other publications.

His client list includes: American Express, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Pac Bell, Estee Lauder, Thomson International, Merrill Lynch, Solomon Brothers, W.R. Grace, Citibank, Cosmair, Banker’s Trust, Xerox and many more. He has designed more than 500 advertising campaigns and hundreds of sales systems in hundreds of different industries.

Chet says, “Becoming a master is not about doing 4000 different things, it’s about doing 12 things, 4000 times each.” A strategic sharp shooter, Chet consistently catapults his clients beyond the competition.

Chet has also ventured into feature film producing and has secured a three-contract deal with Warner Brothers as a feature film producer and writer.

Chet Holmes is also a devoted father and husband, which he calls “my best accomplishment.”


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From each contact you have a complete view of the history of emails, meetings, tasks, files, purchase history, opportunities, projects, pages visited from your website and more.
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Instantly extend your project or opportunity to one or more Kazeli members allowing you share notes, bookmarks, files, and more!

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The Kazeli Permission Based Email solution allows you to choose from existing newsletter templates or customize your own using our Kazeli Editor.

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