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The Ultimate Sales Performance Tool
Focus Motivate Achieve
Focus Motivate Achieve
Set your personal and team goals using our Goals and Forecast features and use them to track your performance so you can focus with laser-like precision on what you want to achieve. Track your personal performance or see your results alongside the rest your team using our Leaderboard and your Daily Sales Activity Feed. Fuel your drive with real-time performance data. Maximize and grow your sales performance by monitoring and analyzing your results so you are constantly improving and optimizing your results.
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"As a contributor and advisor to one of the largest and most talented pool of business coaches in the world, I can't recommend this tool enough. If you are running a sales team and you aren't capturing the activities of your team, you simply can't measure the current performance of your efforts and if you can't measure, you can't improve."

Lou Andruzzi, VP of Coaching, Business Breakthroughs International
A Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins Company

Who can benefit from Sales Energizer?

For Managers - Sales Managers that manage results (history) are months behind when it comes to being able to impact a salesperson using coaching and accountability. Sales Managers that manage activity (today) can see into the future and change it. As a manager Sales Energizer gives you powerful insight as to why some in your team are out performing others. It gives you the tools to coach and advise individuals to reach their peak performance.

Business Coaches - As a trusted advisor to your clients, Sales Energizer is an invaluable tool to gain insights into the company you're mentoring. Learn more about our Business Coach Dashboard.

For Individuals - As a sales professional, Sales Energizer will help you achieve your personal best. It will also provide motivation to keep you on top of your game.

8 insights to measure effectiveness and increase sales performance

You can't improve what you don't measure.
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