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With a firm basis in Windows network support, we also offer web design with web sites that can interact directly with folders on your network in a secure and controlled manner. This simply means updating parts of the site can be as simple as copying and pasting files, be they .PDF, .DOC, .JPG, etc.

We create bespoke software solutions that allow for automated interaction between Active Directory, Exchange and database-driven HR packages. This typically frees up huge amounts of administrative time by removing the need to enter data first into the HR system, then again into Active Directory. It also means that Active Directory accurately reflects changes in the HR system, for example when an employee's name changes.

We have a remote working solution that can allow remote users to securely use all the software installed on PC's on your network, without breaching software licensing. Equally important is the fact that this is a software-only solution thus removing the need to purchase one beefy, expensive server for every 25 to 40 remote users! On a network of 400 machines we can cut remote access costs by tens of thousands!

We manage networks, either on-site or remotely with detailed monthly reports. Our monitoring applications typically alerts us to problems forming long before our customers are even aware of any issues, thus allowing us to address these before they become disruptions.

Using some of the same tools as hackers would use against your network, we test for vulnerabilities and try to fix these before the hackers do. We also do full network inventories and can supply and install dedicated devices that serve as a stateful firewall, while also providing web content filtering as well as network intrusion detection.

When dealing with us you can get availability, stability, security and peace of mind in one package with extremely competitive prices!

Oh yes, we do PC repairs, too! And home networking, WiFi installations, etc.

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