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Emilio Serraino

32 Nell Road (Room 111) Dept (327), Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 02151-2106
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The Judicial Judgments Bureau actively pursues and collects on judgments for law firms, attorneys, individuals and businesses. Our enforcement specialists will keep you informed of every step of the enforcement process. Our expert staff of enforcement specialists are committed to the collection of your judicial judgment.
The Judicial Judgments Bureau realizes that it's much easier winning a judgment that it is to enforce payment on it. That's where we come into action, we will find your debtor anywhere in the U.S. along with uncovering personal assets, debtor's employer, locating bank accounts, stocks, bonds, real estate, personal property and then seizing them, this is all done without any notification to the debtor.

As many enforcement agencies rely on making phone calls and sending many letters to the debtor, The Judicial Judgments Bureau believes in the element of surprise in the form of bank attachments, wage garnishments and asset seizures is a far more effective method in obtaining your money.

At The Judicial Judgments Bureau, we provide services to clients of judgment recovery and enforcement using legal assistance and always at our expense. Our clients pay no court costs, filing fees, sheriff's fees, credit information fees, telephone expenses, or attorney fees. We do not charge any application fees of any kind, our fee is on a contingency basis at 33.33%. We only make our money from the debtor once we collect, and only if we collect.

Remember attorneys are hired on a retainer basis, and
IF the attorney takes the case on a contingency basis you may still owe him or her money for the time spent working on your case even if they do not collect on your judgment.

The Judicial Judgments Bureau Is Empowered With Asset Search Information And Skip Tracing.

Remember, all you have is a piece of paper that, up to now, has only cost you money, time, and aggravation.

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