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James McCallum

PO Box 184, Little Ferry, New Jersey, USA, 07643
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Sum2 has recently released the SMB 360°. The SMB 360° is a risk assessment and management tool for small and mid-size businesses. The SMB 360° allows managers to score business risk factors, prioritize risk factors and generate a risk budget to mitigate those risk factors.

Sum2 is dedicated to the commercial application of sound practices. Our sound practices program includes corporate governance, risk management, stakeholder communications and regulatory compliance.

Sum2 believes that all corporate enterprises enhance their equity value by implementing a sound practice program. Sound practices are principal value drivers for corporate and product brands. Practitioners are awarded with healthy profit margins, attraction of high end clientele, enterprise risk mitigation and premium equity valuation.

Sum2 welcomes the opportunity to speak with you to demonstrate how sound practices can differentiate your firm and create value for your product brands and company stakeholders.

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