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Jesse-Lee Stringer

P.O. Box 94, Narre Warren, South East Melbourne, Australia, 3805
Personal Profile
Web Results
Professional Summary

I am self-employed working within the Automotive and Information Technology Industries (Computer Primary).
My business: KnoxIT has been operational for almost 3 years.

I possess knowledge in E-Commerce, Web Design, VB.Net (Beginner), Computer Security along with a wide range of computer skills.

Professional Experience

Webmaster for over 15 independent e-commerce websites such as

Providing E-Commerce support for over 30 online businesses with total support hours extended from 38 hour working week to 50hours.

Web-Based Expertise

  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Currently on #1 page ( for various common Automotive keywords/search terms
    • Ability to improvise beyond normal methods of ranking.
      ie Grey Hat Techniques
    • Ability to research competitors.
    • Provide In-Depth statistical reports on competitor activities/link buildings.

  • Visitor Improvements and Tracking
    • MINT statistics
    • Click through tracking
    • Customer Specialization based on Industry
    • Ability to show WHERE visitors are coming from and if they are genuine visitors or automated web-crawlers

  • In-Depth knowledge of CS-Cart
    • (Developer - Note Website: 18+)
    • Subcontracted to over 5 different E-Commerce organizations

  • Web Standard Knowledge
    • XML, HTML, JavaScript, usability, CSS, XHTML 1.1
    • Ability to cater for disabilities

  • Current development portfolio exceeds 100 websites
    • Maintainence rate is currently 95%
      • 95% of clients return for my services

  • CS-Developer is currently the only third-party development site and can be considered an 'authority' website.

Computer Hardware/Software
  • Technical Manager for business's turning over $200,000 p/a
    • In-Charge of computer maintainence
      • Technical reporting
      • Fault finding/investigation
      • Warranty submission/followup
      • Custom PC/Configuration Making
    • Average PC builds (Software inclusive) per day = 10
    • Custom relations and PC specification approvals

  • Computer Gaming Retail Manager
    • Day Manager for large (Franchised) retail outlet
    • Monthly turnover improved from 30k to 50k
    • Oversaw 5 staff including work experience
    • Provided technical consulting for computer system suitability prior to purchase while also actively participating in after-sales support

  • KnoxIT.
    • Managing Director
    • Oversee customer support for professional clientele
      • 50 overseas
      • 30 local
      • Providing both corporate and SM-Enterprises
    • Customer satisfaction is highly above Australian Industry Standards


There are more details which I may have overlooked, if in doubt please inquire through my profile details provided 


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