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Article by Lonny Hallsted

TIP #1 – Facebook it

Go to your public profile page and click the Facebook LIKE icon. You can find your public page by going to and searching for your business or from within Kazeli, click BUSINESS NETWORK from the left navigation, then click MY BUSINESS PROFILE. From your profile, click VIEW PUBLIC PROFILE from the top right of your listing.

TIP #2 – Link to Articles

Link to as many relevant articles as you can. From within Kazeli, click BUSINESS NETWORK from left navigation, then click ARTICLES. These articles will appear on your public business profile page and will be found within the search engines. 

TIP #3 - Invite

Invite as many of your clients, partners, and associates to connect with on Kazeli. Through them you'll be able to grow your network even more. Include your invite link in your email signature, Skype, etc. Get your special invite link here:

TIP #4 – Request Recommendations

You’ve worked hard to earn testimonials and recommendations from your customers. Allow your clients, associates, and partners recommend your business on Kazeli. Get your special invite link here

TIP #5 – Get Verified

A Kazeli Verified listing will appear at the top of search results and includes a Verified logo alongside your listing. You can get verified free. Just start a chat with us using the following link:

TIP #6 – Current and Accurate Profile

Make sure your business profile on Kazeli is current and accurate. Here’s a short video showing how to update your business profile on Kazeli:


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