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Article by Lonny Hallsted (Kazeli - Business Referral Network)

Businesses Should Identify, Qualify, Communicate, Service and Sell Online
Your business website acts as your ever-changing online brochure that can effectively and inexpensively target, qualify, communicate, service and  sell for you, day and night, weekends and holidays & It will be there for your new and existing customers, your partners, your suppliers, your staff and even for your competition to find - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Customers Expect It  Your Competition Is Already Doing It
With over 1 billion people online worldwide and more than 273 million online in Europe, people expect to find your company online and if they can t, you can be sure they ll find a competitor. They will typically look to find your business website on your business cards, letterhead and through leading search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!

Increase Company Awareness for FREE
Greatly increase the awareness of your company in the minds of existing and potential customers, by providing useful information in a monthly Email Newsletter in the form of industry news, statistics and useful articles. This is practically zero cost marketing and it has helped catapult many companies to great success

Reach New & Existing Markets
Business websites are now essential, not only for expanding into new markets (geographically and demographically) but also as a means of protecting your local market presence, as more and more people are using the Internet to research and purchase products or services. At the same time, globalization is demanding an online business presence from any business that wishes to be a part of it. Customers online are researching and purchasing everything; from flowers, to books, to furniture, art lessons, accountants, even cars and retirement homes.

Save On Your Advertising Costs
Significantly lower your marketing & advertising costs by utilizing your business website. As an average, the cost of getting a new customer lead online is 1/10 of the cost associated with traditional advertising. The question therefore isn't whether a business can afford to have a website, but whether it can afford not to?!

Learn What Products and/or Services Your Customers Really Want
Your company website can tell you what products or services your customers really want. You may find that the most popular products or services are not what you expected. Your business website enables you to instantly launch and test new products and services, before investing too much time and money in development, production, inventory or marketing. Offer website visitors an incentive to respond to your questionnaire or survey and use these results to determine what your target audience really needs/wants. It's easy, economic, quick and effective. Instantly test out concepts, pricing, offers, terms and conditions, marketing material and save big on traditional marketing campaigns.

Build Up New Database of Potential Leads
Your company website allows you to build up your own database of leads and grow it exponentially through your own referral network. At the same time, eliminate data entry costs and mistakes through online forms and systematic updates.

Make Instant Updates
Unlike any other form of marketing, such as company catalogues and brochures, your business website can always be 100% current. It enables you to post your latest news as they happen, make instant updates and changes to your prices and products/services information, manage crises, test new offerings, make fixes in the text (i.e. typos, misspellings, etc) with little to no cost.

Determine The Image You Want To Project to Customers
Unlike a brick and mortar store or office, with the web, your company image is no longer a reflection of your cash flow but of your professionalism, service and vision. Your website is your opportunity to project the company image you want.

Enhance Your Service - Reduce Your Customer Service Costs  Streamline Internal Processes
Drastically lower your in-house customer service/support costs by allowing your website to automatically collect customer information and feedback, handle common questions and instantly make updates and post company news/announcements. Your website makes your company information instantly available to those who need it, whether they are existing customers, prospects or business associates. In today s busy world, people appreciate having access to the information they need, when they need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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