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Article by Lonny Hallsted (Kazeli - Business Referral Network)

Before submitting your site to the search engines there are a few things that you need to check on your website to make sure that your website is indeed “search engine friendly”.

This is what we mean by optimizing your website.

Here are some basic things you should check:

What words do you think people type in the search engine to search for your website? Those words are your target keywords. For example, if your website is about pet dogs then you will probably want your website to appear among the first ten results with someone searches “pet dogs”. This phrase will be one of your target keyword phrases. You can then take it further and optimize each individual page of your website. Come up with different target keyword phrases to match the content of each page.

For example, “dog training” and “dog discipline” could be the main keyword phrases for a page that explains how to train a pet dog. It is generally more effective to use keyword phrases rather than single keywords.

For example instead of using ‘dog’ and “pets” its better to use “pet dogs”. Keyword phrases tend to be more relevant to the content of your website and there is usually less competition as your phrases become more specific. For example if your site focuses on a specific breed of dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers, it would be more effective to have keywords such as “Yorkshire Terrier dogs”, “Yorkshire Terrier dog breed” or “Yorkshire Terrier training” rather than “dog”. This way you are competing only with other Yorkshire Terrier websites and not with all the dog websites on the Internet.

The other advantage to using specific keyword phrases is that a user who is looking for information about Yorkshire Terriers will most likely be searching for it under “Yorkshire Terriers” and not under “dogs”.

Page Titles
The page title appears at the top of the browser window. (see screenshot below)

Page Titles are very important. See how also includes great keywords like, Cyprus SMS, Medical, and Dental services

It is important the title gives some indication as to what the page is about. For example if it is a page for contact information you may want to write “Contact Information” or “Contact Us”. Also include the company name or the name of your site – especially if it is a name that most of your visitors will already know and might be searching for it on the Internet. Finally, if you are interested in being listed in the search engines you might want to add your main keyword phrases. Try to keep your page title under 60 characters.

The description will appear in the search engine results as part of the listing for the site. (see screenshot below) 

It's important that you description and title effectively communicate to reader what your services offer

Therefore it is important to make the description clear and effective so that the user will click on your site and not another.

Alt Tags
Since images are not made up of text, it is impossible for search engines to read them. This might not be important for some websites, but for those websites which contain images of products they are trying to sell, it can be a disadvantage. The way to get around this issue to make use of the alt tag of an image. This is a sort of ‘text label’, which is given to each image, describing what the image is of. Although the image alt tag is designed to allow individuals who cannot view (or chose to disable) the images of a website, to read what they are missing. If an image does not load, the image alt tag loads in its place. ALT tags can commonly be seen as text when you hover over an image with your mouse.

They generally pop up in a small box with text in most browsers. (see screenshot below)

cat dog cyprus pet 

As these can be read by the search engines, it is good to try and use some of the main keyword phrases of the website in the alt tag – provided it is relevant to the image of course!

Optimize content
Your main keywords and keyword phrases should also appear in the content of the website – otherwise they wouldn’t really be keywords would they? Search engines read the text and place importance on keywords that appear frequently and in prominent places. For example, keywords that appear in the navigation (in the links), as a title or subtitle, in bold, or near the top of the page (in the first paragraph) are going to be more effective than keywords that appear only twice in a page and are lost somewhere in the text. helps individuals with the common issues when travelling with your pet to Cyprus

And Finally… You should do a quick check to make sure that all your links are working properly and that there are no errors. Now you are ready to submit to the search engines!

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you optimize your website for your the search engines or any other questions you have about online marketing, please chat with us! Visit Kazeli's Business Listing


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