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Share a Project with an Associate from another Company

You are an architect and you are working on a renovation project. Another company that you are closely collaborating with on the project is undertaking the ‘Interior Design’ aspect.

You invite them to share your internal project folder by giving them a Kazeli share code that they can use to access emails, files, project notes and documents relating to the project. You can do this by adding them as a team member.

You can control/limit what they have access to, by setting permission levels to their access.

There is no need to email large files and documents, both you and your associates can merely upload these to the project folder and you can each access and share them at any time and from any location.

You can also leave notes for each other, share bookmarks that are relevant to the project and so much more.

Receiving a Phone Call from a New Contact

Someone contacts your business for the first time. While on the phone, you enter their contact information into your Kazeli CRM. From this same screen you can also:

  • Take down notes relating to your conversation. This ensures that in the future you, as well as other team members who may communicate with this specific contact in the future, will be able to look at your notes and pick up wherever you last left off.
  • Add this contact to one or multiple communication lists. For example, you can add them to a list depending on their product or service enquiry (e.g. You have a home furnishings store and they enquired about curtain fabric, you add them to your ‘Curtain Fabric Prospects’ List, so that you can send targeted/relevant marketing information to them, e.g. “20% off Curtain Fabric – this month only!”
  • You can Tag a contact, so you can easily identify them. For example if this is a lead from a trade show you participated in or a referral from a business associate, you can tag them accordingly. Each contact can have multiple tags.
  • Still from the same screen, you can quickly and easily email your new contact.

and more…

Receiving a Phone Call from an existing Contact

You look up your contact on Kazeli and in less than 2 seconds you have their information on your screen.

You can quickly glance over the latest communication entries that have been posted by yourself and/or other team members to the notes section, as well as their full email history.

You can also access all files, documents and bookmarks related to this contact and see all the projects and opportunities that they are currently actively associated to.

With Kazeli its easy to stay current and provide both existing and potential clients, as well as business associates with excellent communication/collaboration and service experience.



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Create deeper more meaningful relationships

From each contact you have a complete view of the history of emails, meetings, tasks, files, purchase history, opportunities, projects, pages visited from your website and more.
Create. Collaborate. Communicate.

Instantly extend your project or opportunity to one or more Kazeli members allowing you share notes, bookmarks, files, and more!

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Permission Based Email Campaigns

The Kazeli Permission Based Email solution allows you to choose from existing newsletter templates or customize your own using our Kazeli Editor.

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