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Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs Kazeli   Product Highlights
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Kazeli vs. Infusionsoft vs. Salesforce
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10 Benefits of the Kazeli Integrated CRM System

  1. Increase the Speed & Efficiency of Everything You Do
    Increase the speed at which you and your entire organization operates. Get a minimum of 35% more time at the end of each day simply by adopting Kazeli. The Kazeli Web Office has been designed from the ground up to optimize every function of your company enabling you to work faster, more efficient and smarter than your closest competitors without working harder.

    25% of an employee’s time is spent searching for the right information to complete a given task. With the Kazeli Web Office all your activities and correspondence are structured systematically and organically enabling every person in your company to find what they need quickly and easily.
  2. Secure and Protect All Your Data
    In the United States alone, there are an estimated 4.6 million episodes of severe data loss per year, costing US businesses over 18 billion a year in losses. If a business suffers a loss of data for more than 10 days, they never fully recover and 50% will be out of business in 5 years. With millions invested in data center infrastructure, redundancy and security the Kazeli Web Office allows your organization to greatly reduce the risks of data loss.

    If you are one of the 40% of computer users who have failing hardware, you’ll need to re-format your computer. With Kazeli all your important information is safe and secure making re-formatting a simple task as there is nothing for you to back up and restore.

    9% of data loss is attributed to theft. That means if you or your staff are working from their laptop or simply just transporting you have nearly a 1 in 10 chance of it getting stolen along with all of your personally identifiable corporate information. Again with Kazeli, all your important data is stored safely within the walls of the Kazeli Web Office.
  3. Access Critical Business Information from Anywhere
    Billions of dollars are lost each year simply because the information required wasn’t available at the time it was needed. With Kazeli you have anytime, anywhere access to your data, including contacts, documents, files, sales forecasting, and more. So even if you were to leave your laptop on the train, and it’s your big presentation meeting that you stayed up all night preparing for, you can log in from any computer, access your files and deliver your pitch.
  4. Increase Customer Loyalty
    It costs as much to gain ONE new client as to keep FIVE existing ones. The Kazeli Web Office enables you to create stronger more meaningful relationships with every customer your entire organization interacts with. Every member of your staff will have the knowledge and tools at their fingertips to leverage every opportunity with your customers. Kazeli makes staying in touch and building stronger relationships simple.
  5. Automatically Convert More Leads
    90% of leads are never followed up and 52% of all sales people give up after a single rejection. Using the Kazeli automated multi-step and sequential marketing engine a prospect won’t slip through the cracks and you’ll be able to maximize every opportunity with every relationship you and your team has without the effort.

    Implementing such rigorous follow-up isn’t humanly possibly, however with Kazeli’s powerful automated engine, customer acquisition costs will go down and you will have more control over the messages you are sending to your customers and prospects throughout every interaction.
  6. Virtualization
    Regardless of your physical location, stay in touch with your organization as if you were next door. With nearly one-fifth of the workforce now telecommuting, company virtualization is prevalent across nearly every industry. They not only realize significant savings, but also increased employee morale. The Kazeli Web Office will enable your company to have its own private network to communicate, collaborate, and manage your daily tasks and long-term objectives with everyone in your company.
  7. Know more about your prospects and customers
    Creating a personal connection with your prospects and customers is the most powerful form of marketing you can get. Your staff will create more respect and trust by simply being aware of everything that is going on with a prospect or customer. This will dramatically increase the value you bring to their organization starting from the moment you incorporate Kazeli into everything you do.

    Billions of dollars are spent each year on corporate lawsuits and unhappy customers, due to a lack of communication or simply taking something the wrong way. A detailed and well documented history of communication will help you understand what transpired and put an end to these types of disputes.

    Employee turnover is a serious problem costing employers up to 50% of an annual salary just to find a replacement for an entry-level employee. It’s more important than ever to work in teams that allow an organization to pick-up and continue with a prospect or customer at any point in the relationship. As an owner or manager, it’s vital to understand and follow communication at various stages. With the Kazeli Web Office you’ll have complete documentation knowing who said what and when.
  8. Generate New Leads & Find Trusted Resources With Little To No Effort
    Any salesmen will tell you that a ‘qualified’ lead is much more likely convert to a paying customer than those that aren’t. Finding such leads is costly and time consuming. Using the Kazeli Business Network, prospects can find your business through mutual trusted relationships. It’s simple, increase your trusted circle of relationships on Kazeli and you could be flooded with new qualified leads.

    Once they become a customer, collaboration is a cinch. Share large files, bookmarks, notes, assign tasks, and so much more through a single click.
  9. Collaborate With Your Staff and Customers As If They Were In Your Office
    Businesses that adopt technology that take advantage of virtual meetings, save as much as 30% of their yearly travel costs. Save even more by collaborating with Kazeli. Share large files, bookmarks, notes, assign tasks, and so much more. Your customers, partners, and consultants will feel more connected to your organization and getting things done will be faster and more coherent than ever before.
  10. Pay As You Go. No Long-Term Commitments
    Unlike our competitors that have huge up-front payments and yearly fees with little to show for it. Kazeli enables you to get up and running with the right training and product without the high-fees. As your business grows, Kazeli goes right alongside it with dozens of extensions and custom modules.

Sign up for a free live demo of the Kazeli Web Office and discover how it can help your business decrease costs, increase productivity, manage projects, and never miss an opportunity.


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