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Kazeli Website Features

Create Your Business Website
A selection of professional Kazeli designs created by accomplished industry designers. Like all our solutions our designs have been optimized for enhancing business performance and for supporting associated business add-on applications. Don't get locked into a website design. Our professionally designed website layouts can change and grow with your business and requirements.
Hundreds of professionally-matched website color schemes, optional colors and backgrounds. Instantly preview and apply your choice of color scheme options and further detail your selection with your personal choice of background and optional color areas. Benefit from the color-matching expertise of our professional design teams. Utilize our system to find the look that best represents your business.
You have control of your website structure. You can Add, Delete, Move, and Redirect your Website Pages Organize, modify and expand your business website structure as you wish.
Multiple Language Support. We support nearly any language, from English to Russian to Greek to Arabic, etc. Our unique language support allows for any specific page to be instantly viewed in an additional language without having to send the visitor back to the homepage. Globalize your marketplace with multiple language versions of your business website.
Personalize Your Business Website
Change your website Color Scheme anytime From the get-go you are in control of your website color-scheme and you can come back and up-date it as often as you like. Whether your business colors have changed or you want a fresh look, you can instantly update your color scheme to reflect your requirements.
Domain Purchase (.com, .net)
For just €6.99!
Search the worldwide database of available domain names and claim your business space in the world wide web. Already have an existing business domain name? No problem, you can easily point it to your new Kazeli website. A website domain that's unique to your business (e.g.
Personalized Business Emails You can specify business email addresses and we will setup and include for free with your Kazeli solution. You can add additional company emails at a small additional cost. Free email addresses such as yahoo and hotmail can give the wrong impression about your business. Present your company professionally with your own set of business email addresses such as
Manage Your Business Website
Manage multiple websites with single login & contact database Access and manage all your business websites from a single login and through a single integrated client database, anytime, anywhere. Utilize the marketing power of a single integrated client database and control multiple websites from any online access point.
Manage text and pages with our Kazeli Page Editor Update your website content quickly and easily and from anywhere. No HTML knowledge is necessary. If you can use Microsoft Word you will be able to use our WYSIWYG Kazeli Page Editor. Simplifies web publishing, keeps your website up-to-date and maintains website integrity.
Unlimited page versions with Kazeli Editor Create new page versions just as you click “save as ”in MS Word. Then select the version you would like to activate. No uploading required! Unlimited page version support allows you to keep a complete archive of previous versions of your website and allows you to preview pages in-progress.
Media Manager Manage images, videos, and documents with the Media Manager.
(All types: .pdf, .mov, .avi, etc)
A single interface for managing all media content provides complete flexibility and makes it easier to update.
Stylesheet Support All websites are created using a stylesheet. It’s extremely easy and simple to change all the fonts on your website.
Internet Explorer & Firefox Browser Support Our solution supports both IE and Firefox Internet Browsers. You don’t need to worry about being browser-compliant; we’ll make sure you are!
Promote Your Business Website
Search Engine Safe Technology Enable ALL major search engines to index every page of your businesses website. Rank higher in the search engines, Someone searching online can find page-specific results and not just information available on your homepage. Increase ROI by utilizing our search engine safe (SES) technology.
Unique page titles, description, and keywords Create unique titles, descriptions, and keywords for each page or you may choose to apply the same ones throughout your website. Achieve higher search engine rankings.
Statistics We provide real-time data and user-defined date ranges. Additionally, our solution allows you to view visitor IP addresses. This gives you insight into your actual website visitors and how they are responding to your website.
Website bookmark friendly Promote specific pages to your friends, colleagues, and potential customers Unlike flash and frame websites, every page within your website can be bookmarked or added to a favorites list. Additionally, this allows you to send a specific link in an email referencing a particular page on your website.
Extend Your Business Website
Kazeli Modules Expand your website with dozens of available Kazeli Modules from eCommerce to Surveys and more. Reduce costs by subscribing to available modules on an as needed basis.
Kazeli Extensions Extend your website with Kazeli extensions, such as an Online Poll or FAQ application.
Reduce costs by subscribing to available extensions on an as needed basis.
Kazeli Add-Ons Extend your website with Add-Ons such as Application Forms or a Contact Us form.
Personalize your visitors experience through add-ons.
Multimedia Enhancements Several multimedia enhancements are available such as rotating Flash photos and Banners to entire Flash Presentations. Interact with your visitors through interactive multimedia enhancements.
Customization Just about anything is possible with your Kazeli website. Contact us to explore all possibilities. With Kazeli your website can grow and evolve alongside your business!
Training & Maintenance
We offer several different Maintenance Plans to fit your specific budget and requirements.
Please contact us for pricing and more information.
Any update you require, we can help. Whether it's a flash extension or a simple text update that you don't have time for, we are there to help. We have a multitude of plans that you can choose from. All requests are submitted and archived within our easy to use support module. This enables you to access and view all your support requests and check their status.


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