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Kazeli Web Office takes a revolutionary step by combining some of the most essential business applications into a single PLATFORM enabling small businesses and entrepreneurs to minimize costs, optimize their time, and maximize their result.

From this single solution you can access all of your contacts, emails, schedules, files, projects, opportunities, and more. You can also build your own business website, manage it, and extend it with dozens of integrated applications. You can even promote and grow your business on the Kazeli Business Network.

The Kazeli Web Office all in one solution is the first onDemand application service to offer this complete suite of solutions available from one access point; completely integrated. The synergies created between these components enables small businesses to communicate and collaborate in ways never before so easily possible.

The Kazeli Web Office is comprised of the following components:
CRM | Website | File Manager | Business Network

Kazeli Web Office - The Single Solution

By combining these essential components we eliminate the complexity of synchronising, exporting from one system and importing to another and managing multiple subscriptions, licensing fees, and providers. The single solution enables your business to react on an instant and build relationships by having more knowledge at your fingertips.

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Kazeli CRM

Kazeli CRM takes a fresh and dynamic approach to the way your projects, opportunities, schedules, tasks, files and contacts are related and organized.
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Kazeli Website

From a professional 4-page website presence to an elaborate 2000-page eCommerce website solution, Kazeli Website makes creating, editing and maintaining your website a breeze.
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Kazeli File Manager

Not just any file manager. Kazeli File Manager increases your business productivity by revolutionizing an archaic file system and giving relevance and structure to your information.
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Kazeli Business Network

The Kazeli Business Network is a private global network, where businesses from around the world can communicate, collaborate and explore new business relationships and opportunities.

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