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About Us
Our Mission

Kazeli Web Office isn't just another piece of software, but a business solution that has been developed from an entrepreneurial perspective taking on challenges that we all face in business everyday.

For years large co-operations have used their financial advantage as a business benefit, utilizing sales, marketing and communication solutions, costing them millions in software purchases, hardware and on-going maintenance costs.

Through Kazeli, we've made it our mission to make these tools and benefits readily accessible to small businesses, using technology and innovation to combat costs.

Our integrated set of tools has been optimized to enhance communication and collaboration to build stronger, more meaningful relationships throughout every aspect of your business.

The Kazeli Web Office is comprised of the following components:
CRM | Website | File Manager | Business Network

Each Kazeli product has been developed and designed to empower small businesses to achieve extraordinary results. Our solutions increase work productivity by optimizing key business applications that save businesses both time and money. Our on-demand low-cost business model makes Kazeli even more attractive, by making sure that you are only paying for services that you utilize, on an as-needed basis.

Explore Kazeli and discover how an integrated solution can enhance your personal business success!


What's in the name Kazeli?

Kazeli is a Greek family name that stems from the antelope Gazelle; An animal known for its swift speed and its ability to reach and maintain high speeds over long distances.

Like the Gazelle, Kazeli aims not only to accelerate your business but to help you maintain the momentum of a growing, successful business, by streamlining and optimizing essential business processes and applications.


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