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Kazeli Website – Website Builder and Management Tool

The Kazeli Website builder and management tool is both easy-to-use and extremely fast to implement, making it possible to launch your business website in minutes without compromising on functionality or design.

The same platform that powers a simple 4 page Kazeli business website is the very same platform that supports large corporate and Ecommerce websites that are running on our system, that feature thousands of products/pages.

No matter what your website requirements are for your business, Kazeli Website enables you to build a website that meets your specific requirements. Our extensive list of available modules, add-ons and customization options, ensure that Kazeli can cater to your needs and can grow alongside your business.

Create as many different language versions of your site as you like, have multiple websites for different businesses that you're involved in (enabling you to cross-sell between different markets) and you can access and maintain it all from a single login, from anywhere online. Have all your website data funnel into a single database that you can also access anytime online.

Kazeli Website allows you to track and monitor traffic to your website and to use that information to create targeted marketing campaigns.

If you can use Microsoft Word, you won't have a problem learning to use our Kazeli website page-editor. It's easy, it's powerful and it's fast.

Also, you can take advantage of the cost-effective Kazeli onDemand pricing structure that allows you to add and remove modules on an as-needed basis. Want to run an online survey this month? Just pay for a low 1-month access fee to what you need and then de-activate it and eliminate that cost. No high up-front fees, downloads, specialized technical skills, hardware and software purchases and installation.

Kazeli puts you in charge of the applications that drive your business.


Innovation in Color

With Kazeli you can select and instantly apply/preview your color-scheme selection to the website design of your choice. Choose from thousands of professionally coordinated colour-schemes.
Search Engine Safe

Kazeli's unique Search Engine Safe (SES) technology enables major search engines like Yahoo!, Google, and MSN to easily index every page of your business website. This is unlike many dynamic websites solutions that contain a question mark in the URL string, which is impossible for some search engines to read or index.
Wordpress Integration

Have an existing WordPress site or want to build a new one? We can help you build, host, and maintain your WordPress website and ensure that all your forms are correctly linked to your Kazeli account.
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