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Organizational Productivity, Data Loss and my Business

With all the advances in technology, the fact that most computer users are still using an email and folder system that was designed in the late 80s should definitely concern us, especially if we’re using it to run our business.

A poorly structured file storage, security or retrieval system, can lead to lost data and low productivity. When time is spent searching for relevant emails and documents or trying to retrieve or restore lost or misplaced data, rather than focusing on work tasks, it costs businesses valuable time and money.

Organizational Productivity

An article by Denise Dubie of Network World on the subject, sights a recent report by the Butler group (a London-based research & analysis organization) that found that as much as 10% of staff salaries are lost to ineffective searches and slow or failed information retrieval.

"Over 50% of staff costs are now allocated to employees performing so-called information work" and that “the typical information worker now spends up to one-quarter of his or her day searching for the right information to complete a given task."

The Butler Group therefore concludes that technologically advanced “search and retrieval tools should be an integral part of any company’s IT arsenal”

The Cost of Lost Data

As the reliance of companies on information and data, and economic drivers for business continue to increase, owners and managers are subject to new risks.

A study by Jon Toiga (Disaster Recovery Planning) reports that a company that experiences a computer/data outage lasting more than 10 days will never fully recover financially and that 50% of companies suffering such a predicament will be out of business within 5 years.

In the United States alone, there are an estimated 4.6 million episodes of severe data loss per year, costing US businesses over $18 billion a year in losses.

The main causes attributing to lost company data can be broken down as follows:

Cause of Data Loss - The Importance of investing in that

The Kazeli File Manager Solution

A secure file storage and retrieval system needs to be based on strategic thinking and focused on optimizing workplace tasks. This can be achieved through the organizational structuring of information and its safe, fast and reliable retrieval, which is the very basis behind Kazeli File Manager.

The majority of small businesses cannot afford the added cost of maintaining in-house technology staff, hardware, software and security infrastructures that would ensure optimal organizational productivity and data security.

Kazeli Web Office 2.0 is the cost-effective small business solution that ensures you anytime anywhere online access to your files and documents, optimizes search and retrieval times all based on project/contact relevance and in addition takes care of back-ups and security issues, so that all you need to worry about is your business!

2-Click Permission-Based File and Folder Access

Setting permissions is quick and simple. Apply permissions to a top level folder and have it apply to all sub-folders in a single click.


Your Files Wherever You Are

With Kazeli you have anytime, anywhere access to your data, including contacts, documents, files etc. All you need is an online access point.

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