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Kazeli File Manager – Online File Storage and Organizer

We’ve almost all at times experienced lost documents, most often caused by hardware failure. Add to that, the common frustration of trying to find a specific file or document and not remembering what we named it or where we saved it. Then there’s the scenario when we’re away from our office and realize that we’re missing an important document, file or figure and we don’t have access to it. These describe some of the most time-consuming and costly issues, experienced by most small businesses today.

Kazeli File Manager successfully resolves all these issues, and here’s how we do it:

  • By storing your data on Kazeli at one of the world’s most secure London data centers, where millions have been invested in infrastructure, security, backup and emergency data recovery systems, we significantly reduce the horrific possibility of you losing your important data to theft, hardware failure or natural disasters.
  • Forget time-consuming document searches and sifting through long lists of results to find the one you’re looking for. Kazeli structures your data, based on project and/or contact specific folder structures. So if for example you do a search for a document with a common word like ‘contract’, the results are presented in relation to specific contacts and/or projects. And the best part is that the search is incredibly fast, returning most results in less than 2 seconds.
  • With Kazeli you have anytime, anywhere access to your data, including contacts, documents, files etc. All you need is an online access point. So even if you were to leave your laptop on the train, and it’s your big presentation meeting that you stayed up all night preparing for, you can just log in from any computer, access your files and deliver your pitch!
Cause of Data Loss
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The Cost of Lost Data

In the United States alone, there are an estimated 4.6 million episodes of severe data loss per year, costing US businesses over $18 billion a year in losses.
2-Click Permission-Based File and Folder Access

Setting permissions is quick and simple. Apply permissions to a top level folder and have it apply to all sub-folders in a single click.
Your Files Wherever You Are

With Kazeli you have anytime, anywhere access to your data, including contacts, documents, files etc. All you need is an online access point.

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