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What is CMS?

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CMS is an acronym for Content Management System and is a system that allows users to edit their website content without specialist programming knowledge.

What's the CMS Advantage?

CMS systems allow the user to easily import and edit many different types of content file formats, including:

  • Articles and white papers
  • Press release and company news
  • Pictures
  • Products information
  • Frequently asked questions/answers
  • Flash presentations and online demos
  • Streaming audio and video

A CMS system should also:

  • Let several people collaborate and edit content together
  • Have security measures to stop the wrong people from manipulating the content
  • Keep track of changes to the content through the use of versioning
  • Provide control if content is displayed
  • Use templates to publish the content in a standard format so that a certain look and feel is maintained across the site
  • Personalize the content so user's can customize the viewing experience

The Traditional CMS Challenge

According to Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture traditional CMS problems are:

  • Too expensive
  • Too much customization required
  • Not enough customization
  • Not enough creative freedom with the design
  • Too complex
  • Not search engine compliant
  • Invalid or messy code

Easily Manage Your Website With Kazeli

Kazeli Website comes with a powerful easy-to-use CMS solution that gives you hands-on anytime, anywhere access and control of your website. Like all Kazeli solutions, this is a cost-effective tool, specifically developed to facilitate and empower small businesses in their everyday activities.

Kazeli CMS Characteristics:

  • Simple, easy to use Interface
  • Users can learn system in less than 30 minutes
  • Modular
  • Flexible
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily expandable and updateable
  • Flexible framework
  • Allows for extensive customization
  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible with any design
  • Updateable with WYSIWYG editor
  • Perfect code every time
  • Multi-versioning support
  • Multi-language support


Innovation in Colour

With Kazeli you can select and instantly apply/preview your color-scheme selection to the website design of your choice. Choose from thousands of professionally coordinated color-schemes.
Search Engine Safe

Kazeli's unique Search Engine Safe (SES) technology enables major search engines like Yahoo!, Google, and MSN to easily index every page of your business website. This is unlike many dynamic websites solutions that contain a question mark in the URL string, which is impossible for some search engines to read or index.

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